Walk on. really inspiring video.


"If I fall, I fall, it's just another challenge, I'm gonna fall, its just the way it is, I'm gonna do it , so you know what, you get back up and you learn from your mistakes, and you dont do it again."

"If you have a dream, go after it, don't let anybody say you can't do something."

-DJ Gregory-

i love love his hairstyle.

just wait people, Wesley's hair will look like David Cook's!


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Through it all.

You are forever in my life
You see me through the seasons
Cover me with Your hand
And lead me in Your righteeousness
And I look to You and
I wait on You

I'll sing to You Lord, a hymn of love
For Your faithfulness to me
I'm carried in everlasting arms
You'll never let me go, through it all
Hallelujah, hallelujah


I simply thank You.

Into Your hands, I commit again,
All that I am, for You, Lord.
You hold my world
In the palm of Your hand.
And I am Yours, forever.

Jesus, I believe in You.
Jesus, I belong to You.
You're the reason that I live,
The reason that I sing,
With all I am.

I'll walk with You, wherever You go.
Through tears and joy,
I'll trust in You.
And I will live, in all of Your ways
And Your promises, forever.

I will worship,
I will worship You.

Thank God for everything, blessings, trials, guidance, troubles, tough times, everything. It builds me stronger each and everyday. I simply thank God that He is near. Storms and thunders in life cant beat me. I will win in this race, I won't give up. God is good. And I trust him 100%. Nothing can change my love for you, God. I'm the strongest when I'm in the hardest moment, all because of God's love.


4th! Hee ~

By the way, I'm 4th on July competition 11 Second Club! Thanks to people that voted for me. Thanks to Wesley helping me rendering! Thank God!

Here's my final entry.

L o v e . L o v e ~

Happy couple years and couple months Wesley Chandler!


its not exaggeration after all.

you know, cartoon always exaggerate character got scared by jumping off the ground? they're not exaggeration. it actually happened, at least to me. my sister 'knock' my door so hard, this poor little calista busy animating, jump off the bed got scared, so bad.

like this.


I will rise.

I'm going through tough times, my family has problem that we have to face, and yeah, it’s hard. I prayed and felt that my prayer is just hitting the ceiling and felt that God didn’t listen. Of course not, He listens, but I felt that way. Then I read Purpose Driven Life, I was on chapter 14.

It’s about Job, how he felt that God didn’t say anything to him during his tough times. I can’t say it’s like my condition because mine now is nothing compared to Job’s. I learn from Job, he told God what he felt about his tough times, he’s ruined in people’s point of view but he still believe in God, believe that God is good, faithful and will help him somehow! Ha!

God is here when I need him. He didn’t really remove my problems, but He strengthens me. Again. He’s good. He’s faithful and somehow He will help my family through this hardship at the right times.

I remember a verse saying, He makes all things wonderful at the right time. Bible didn’t say in the end of time it would be wonderful, Bible said wonderful at the right time. I was praying waiting for God just to finish all this, yes I put hope in Him but I was wrong that I was waiting to the end. Suddenly God speaks to me through the verse that I once read somewhere in the bible, that God makes all things wonderful in HIS time. Who are we to judge when the right time for us?

Purpose Driven Life chapter 14 also mention some practical ways when God ‘seems’ to be far away. Tell God exactly how you feel. Focus on God’s never changing personality and promises. Believe that God keeps His promises. Remember what He’s done for us.

It hits me when I read explanation for focus on God’s never changing personality and promises; He’s good, He loves me, He’s with me, He knows what I experience, He cares, and He has good plan for my life.
Job’s condition is way worse than my family’s now, but He still able to hold on God’s promises and even praise Him. Wow. The power of God in him. If Job can do it, my family can do it too, I can do it too. Praise the Lord!