Be still, and know that I am God Psalm 46:10

Sometimes, God can be so unpredictable in the way He teaches me,
but I know for sure, that His love and guidance is always with me.

Just a moment ago, I'm just feel overwhelmed with anxiety of what's gonna happen next. Jobs, family, health, everything! I kept reminding myself that I won't be alone, God is always with me, God holds the future, but I felt like, it's only ME saying that to calm myself. Fake.

Then as always, I turn on computer to read my devotion tonight (every night I read the bible from www.rbc.org). Then the title for today's devotion is Quiet Time, with Psalm 46:10 below it. Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God."

I'm stunned and I can't say anything anymore; overwhelmed with joy that I can't explain. I was like, whaa..?????????!!!!
I feel so baaadd I don't depend on HIM at all. Man, seriously, if God is in my side, what could happen to me?! (my very own "amazed-and-still-stunned" interpretation of Hebrew 13 : 6) =D

Sometimes we're just TOOO busy with our own life that we FORGOT about God. Forget about God that owns everything in the universe! We need quiet time with God, to rest our mind and soul and REFOCUS to God. What's the point in life if we're so far away from God??

Really, I cant change anything by worrying about stuff, but I can change everything with focus on God and not the problem. I don't even HAVE a problem. If I just be as close as possible to God, (and He's not far at all really) then what should I be worried about?

I have this urge to write this post A.S.A.P. so pardon me for any grammar mistake. :p

May God bless you all.



One of Papi's amazing House Design

My parents wanted me to make slide show of a house that my dad designed and constructed.
Here is the link to the slide show.


All pictures taken by Wesley Chandler.