Boy [Wesley]


Happy Belated Birthday for me !! ^^

My friends got me white 6x8 Bamboo Fun tablet for my 21st birthday on Dec 6! And I drew something using my tablet for saying a biiiggg thanks for them.

I would like to thank :
My one and only, Wesley Chandler "MiiJaou" . Love you hunnbunn
My beloved sister, Claresta Devina , Vinster
David Shum, ShumMaster
Scott Gillies, scooter
Alex Lam
Francois Nhieu, crazy dude Francisco
Jacky Wong
Lynn Yuen
Lesley Hung
Eric Z
Patrick Alsop
Peter Pie
Ashish Gurung
Bradley Kvist
Alexandru Nagy

calista loves her bamboo ^^

Thanks guys, you guys are awesome!