I think I'm Beautiful...

This felt so lonely. Sigh..

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Misty and Mama

.. as Pandas



This is how I feel right now. Stuck and confused.

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iScream to Ice Cream

Yup, my youngest sister LOVES ice cream

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Dancing for you

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Faith is Real

I'm home now, in Indonesia.

I just came back from Singapore, to accompany my dad in his check up. Results will be sent through email in couple days, but generally my dad is healthy, just need more spirit to live and also encouragement. My mom? She's fine, just exhausted and overwhelmed with our condition and situation. But God's great, that's what we're putting faith on.

There's that one time, situation is kinda getting out of hand. In simple word, mentally exhausting. It was last Sunday. Almost didn't go to church but THANK GOD we did.

We came to church with broken hearts and problems. Prayed that God will help us, I don't know how will He helped us but we're sure He will. They played a song in quiet time before service, "Listen that Jesus is calling you" . I felt that God calmed me down right away, I cried, thanking Him for that. Really felt His presence in the right moment. Because without that, I don't think I will enjoy the service.

Then we sang more hymns, the lyric goes like, "Praise your God, Hallelujah Amen, Event though storms hitting you, God is your friend, Hallelujah Amen!"
and more hymns, "What a friend we have in Jesus".

It's like, God 'attack' me with His lovely presence. I never felt that way before. Well, I did, but not often. I guess when you're really come to God with true heart that you need Him to heal you, He will. He didn't really remove the problems away, no. But He change your heart and your perspective towards the problems.

The sermon was good. It's from Luke 19:1-10. One of the part that really hit my mind his definition of joyful heart. It's not about always smiling and not thinking about problems. It's about a steady heart towards Jesus facing hardships of life. It's about giving respect to Him that already died for our sins, what is human that He cares for us? Who am I that I question what happen in my life? I know He's good because He cares even about my feeling, when I broke down that morning. He fixed me.

Yes I have problems in my life, yes I broke down sometimes, but I know I have faith in Him that won't disappoint me. He listen to my prayers although He didn't always make things the way I want it, but somehow, it's always better for me in the end.

He's good, He's great. I don't know what I would be without Jesus. I already felt His guidance and His blessings in every kind of situation. How wouldn't I state that faith is real? ;D

**Pictures coming soon, still in the process of editing it. Thanks to Papa for the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and the camera itself! Thanks to Wesley <3 for lending me his laptop and giving me support.**

And of course, thanks to God for blessing me with family and friends.



Hong Kong Update!

Its amazing how God still talk to me in the plane. It wasn’t something that I prayed about or something, just got reminder from above. I was listening to You raise me up by Josh Groban. The lyric was saying, “I am strong, when I am on Your shoulder . You raise me up to more than I can be.” Wow!

It’s soo true. I AM strong when He lifts me up. And it’s always more than I expected happen to/from me. Amazing

Then I was listening again to Little Drummer Boy, still from Josh Groban.
Some lyrics (jumping around mode ON)
“I had no gift to lay before the King, So I play my best for Him, on my drum, Song to honor Him, Then He smiled at me”
Again, it’s so true. I have NOTHING to boast, totally nothing. But then he lifted me up and making me able to honor Him. D’oh, what else can I do than Honoring Him with what I have, from Him.

Wowww.. I’m just totally amazed how God speak to me thru song and it’s not even like gospel song.
(I tried looking for one in the library. None. So I listen to some Josh Grobanism. And got encouraged!)

I remember a friend of mine that’s in middle of hardship too, and (AGAIN) the song that’s playing is Don’t give up. You are loved. I made some sketch too that I think when I finalized it, will be cool. Heehhh

And ya, this early morning, in YVR airport, my other beloved half and I, were singing hymns, he he he. I’m glad that God made our ‘apartness’ memorable in His way.
Before he drove me to YVR, Vina and I also went for dinner at Wes’ place. AND, one thing you know, me and wes fallen asleep like two hibernated bears! Until our sisters (Vina and Gen) woke us up. Thanks girls! Phew. Almost missed the flight-ish.

But yeah, just an update from HK. Thank God I’m arrived with no danger and sickness.


Starting The Day

Took this picture on our road trip. (stories coming soon!)

It was at an amazing camp site by His blessings, early in the morning, I woke up and thank God for the new day.

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