Nerd Corps Halloween 2008

Wesley dressed up as Voltar, the main character for the show, League of Super Evil and I dressed up as Voltie. Voltie is no in the story, but we just did her for fun, it's cute anyway. Wesley's mom loves the costumes so much. <3<3

My Doodle

This doodle always been my 'signature', just got the time to post it. ^^p


New Camera!! Canon EOS Rebel XS

I got an uber-cool new camera for early birthday present from Wesley's family. AND.... it's also my first ever camera!
Both Wesley and his dad, Simon, are into photography. Check out their work!

Simon Chandler
and Wesley Chandler

Psssttttt, they're so pro that I'm so gonna steal their skills... if I could ... O.o"

I'm still learning about camera myself, but I'm so excited to make good pictures. With the guidance of Wesley and his dad, I'm pretty sure one day I can be a cool photographer too. *wink wink*

Oh yea, I got a Canon EOS Rebel XS. I'm so so so so so happie. ^^

* I was gonna take picture of my new camera, but I mention this is my first camera ever, which means I don't have any thing to take picture with. Ha! Maybe I will borrow Wes' camera to take pic of my camera. Sigh! *